CitizenCon 2017


CitizenCon 2947: Exploring New Worlds
Event TypeOpen Venue
LocationCapitol Theater,
Keynote DemosProcedural Cities Demo
Concept Sales开拓者
军刀-渡鸦 (with Intel promotion)
Commemorative ItemsCitizenCon 2947 Trophy
Skins for Custodian
Preceded byGamescom 2017
Followed byAnniversary Special 2017

CitizenCon 2947: Exploring New Worlds (CitizenCon 2017) was a live event organised by 云间帝国游戏 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of 星际公民's announcement. The event took place on 27 October 2017 at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt, Germany and 650 tickets for attendence were sold at €50 per person. The event was also livestreamed for the wider Star Citizen community. The event was pitched as "our opportunity to celebrate another year with our community, look back on all that has been accomplished, as well as looking forward to upcoming game content." CitizenCon 2017 featured an updated format - being a full day event, featuring developer panels on various development topics such as programming, lore and art.

克里斯·罗伯茨' Opening Address

A short cut of the Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer plays to introduce Chris to the stage. After presenting and discussing the sponsor Intel's product - the Optane 900P SSD, we see "Meet the Sabre Raven" - the teaser for the 军刀-渡鸦 variant that is bundled with the 900P.

Auditorium Panels

  • Enhancing Mocap Data with Procedural Systems
  • Xi'an History, Physiology and Language
  • The Art and Tech of Stanton
  • The 联合外域 开拓者
  • Graphics and Tech Development for Star Citizen


Keynote Address

Roberts goes over highlights of the day. The Kastak Arms CitizenCon SMG skin is made available to any backer including those watching the livestream on a temporary offer. Event attendees also recieve two further exclusive skins for the Custodian SMG. Information is given about the Delta Patcher. The Post-3.0 Quarterly Release Roadmap is broken down. The event concludes with the Procedural Cities Demo.