CitizenCon 2018


CitizenCon 2018 (2948)
Event TypeOpen Venue
LocationLong Center, Austin, USA
Keynote DemosUnknown
Concept SalesUnknown
Commemorative ItemsUnknown
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CitizenCon 2948 (2018) was a live event organized by Cloud Imperium Games to celebrate the 6th anniversary of 星际公民's announcement. The event took place on 10 October 2018 at the Long Center in Austin, USA.

While the original plan was that only the Keynote be livestreamed for the wider Star Citizen community, with all other live panels only available live for Subscribers, 礼宾 or owners of a paid pass, to be uploaded later - this plan was not received well by the community. After some changes, the end result was that the entire event was streamed for free on the RSI Website for all backers. The CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack was sold instead.

CIG opted to skip Gamescom this year to spend more time focusing on the Quarterly Release Schedule, instead just having a presence at the yearly CitizenCon.[缺乏引证] The event has been pitched as "a full day of presentations and interactions, exploring the current and future developments in Star Citizen and 42中队." Like 2017's event, CitizenCon 2018 will be a full day event featuring developer panels on various development topics such as programming, lore and art.

"CitizenCon 2948 is almost here! We're excited to welcome you to the Long Center in Austin, Texas on October 10th for a full day of presentations and interactions that explore the current and future developments of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. We're building on your favorite elements from last year's event and expanding the scope even further, taking advantage of everything our beautiful venue has to offer to give you the ultimate live Star Citizen experience. We can't wait to see you there in Austin, back where it all began in 2013.", acc. 2018-08-21


CIG raised critique with their decision to broadcast the live panels only for subscribers and digital pass holders and releasing the recorded videos via Youtube later. The Keynote was not affected. In a lengthy statement, Roberts defended his decision .[1] However this stance was dropped before the event.[缺乏引证]

Schedule and Panels

Main Stage Second Stage
01:00 PM Keynote
03:00 PM The Principles of Flight
04:00 PM Welcome to Lorville By Design
05:00 PM Loremaker's Guide to 3.3
06:00 PM What a Bunch of Characters
07:00 PM Evolution of Facial Animation
08:00 PM Crafting Space Biome on the Range
09:00 PM Road to Release

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