DustUp Helmet

Helmet manufactured by 卡斯塔克武器

File:Dust Up Tactical Helmet - Dark BG-min.png
DustUp Helmet
ClassificationMedium Armor
Manufacturer卡斯塔克武器 (KSAR)
Main setDustUp
Base price1,740 aUEC
Production stateAvailable
Inventory1 SP
Environment protection
Temperature-60 / 90 °C
Damage resistance

The DustUp has your back if you're looking to get into some trouble. The body plating is built off of the same CDS undersuit used by the UEE Marines, it adds reconstructed Omni-Role mkII pieces to give you solid protection against incoming fire, but the real gem is the modified helmet. That thing was built to withstand explosions, so it should totally protect you against some shots. The whole thing's been reasonably tested against vacuum too, so you can feel free to EVA all you want without worrying about dying.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
DustUp Stoneskin Undersuit DustUp Helmet DustUp Core N/A DustUp Arms DustUp Legs

DustUp Helmet is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

System Location Shop Price Color
Nyx 列夫斯基 Cordry's 1,740 Desert
斯坦顿星系 六角湾 Skutters 2,590 Tactical, Desert
DustUp Helmet Tan.png
DustUp Helmet Black.png

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