Human manufacturer of personal weaponry

产业Weapons manufacture
产品Personal weapons
总部所在地ArcCorp, Stanton
关键人物Hui Batiste (CEO)
创建者Polli Dalal, Clem
创建于公元2667年; 286年 前 (2667) in New Junction, Lo, Corel

Gemini is a 人类 manufacturer of personal weaponry. The company began as a producer of kinetic weapons and only began offering laser-based systems following their acquisition of energy weapon start-up Octa in the late 2930s. Current models include the LH86 pistol, R97 shotgun, C54冲锋枪, F55轻机枪, A03 sniper rifle, H29 HMG and S71 assault rifle.[1]


On January 3, 2667, New Junction police charged Polli Dalal for violating the city's armistice zone after she fired shots at a block of ballistic gelatin covered by heavy armor. They confiscated the weapon, described as a "custom-made, unregistered hand cannon." When questioned about why she would live-fire a weapon in public, she replied with a simple statement: "to make some money." Polli quickly paid off her fine and returned to the bar to pick up a list from the bartender. On it were the names of patrons that had made a down payment for one of her homemade weapons. These became the first official orders for Gemini weapons.[2]


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