SF7E Cannon

Size 7 vehicle weapon manufactured by 贝林应用技术

Behring-SF7E Laser Cannon.png
SF7E Cannon
Manufacturer贝林应用技术 (BEHR)
TypeLaser Cannon

The SF7E Cannon is a size 7 energy cannon produced and designed by Behring to fit exclusively on the Crusader Ares Ion starfighter.


The weapon is integrated within the frame of the Ares Ion and can't be swapped. It is designed to take on capital-class ships. Because of the nature of a large weapon being attached to a small ship, the weapon itself is built with an additional power plant, shield and cooler.[1][2]


Ares Ion - In hangar - closeup of Behring SF7E Laser Cannon.jpg
Ares Ion and Inferno flying firing weapons.jpg


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