Sledge II Mass Driver Cannon

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by 克劳斯&韦纳

Sledge Mass Driver Cannon - Sizes 1-3.jpg
Sledge II Mass Driver Cannon
Manufacturer克劳斯&韦纳 (KLWE)
TypeMass Driver Cannon
UEC cost8,000
REC Cost800

The K&W Sledge II Mass Driver Cannon is a size 2 vehicle mass driver cannon. It is a part of the Sledge series mass driver cannon.[1]


The Sledge II Mass Driver Cannon was known simply as K&W Mass Driver Cannon before Patch V0.9.2.0.[2] It was reworked and released in Alpha 3.10.[缺乏引证] It was originally scheduled to release in Alpha 3.8, then rescheduled to Alpha 3.10 (previously known as 4.0).[3]




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