Update:Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.6a


2015-08-18 - 7年前



  • The start locations for Race Mode have been improved, such that they're closer together and more evenly spaced.



  • Fixed an issue with Vanduul Swarm and Race Mode in Arena Commander where players could be matched in mid-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the fourth player queueing for Vanduul swarm would be placed into their own instance.
  • Fixed an issue with Arena Commander, where the penalty for self-destruct was being applied to all subsequent normal deaths.
  • Fixed multiple issues causing the GIM and matchmaking servers to crash.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial, Chapter 6, where the AI pilot (Gilly) would sometimes not fire at enemies.
  • Fixed a crash issue with Broken Moon, Squadron Battle.
  • Fixed an issue in Arena Commander where the player helmet would shake rapidly at the lower option after respawning.


  • Fixed an issue where the pilot of a Merlin could spawn standing up in the cockpit when loading into a match on Broken Moon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vanduul weapons on the 死镰 and 长刀 would not overheat.
    • The "War" Neutron Cannon will now overheat and be unable to be fired for several seconds.
    • The 'Weak' Laser Cannon will not fire until enough heat has been lost for a bolt to be fired.
  • Fixed an issue where the left plasma cannon on the Vanduul Glaive was facing backwards.
    • This did not affect performance of the plasma cannon as it was purely an appearance issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the Drake Cutlass was taking too long to regenerate its fuel boost.
    • It should now correctly regenerate in ~60 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Glaive cockpit interior components were not loading or disappearing after entering the ship.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue in all Arena Commander modes where players were not receiving a warning about the self-destruct penalty.


  • Fixed an issue with the Industrial Hangar where the rock walls would not load for the far left and right hangers if no ships were present.


  • Fixed an issue where some accounts were getting stuck on the title screen after launching the game, across multiple clients.


Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.6a